Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poster for Car Factory / Dairy Product

This lithograph, created by Moriz Jung, Wenzel Oswald, and Gustav Marisch, reflects the experimental nature of both form and content during the Wiener Werkstatte. This particular advertisement uses the contrast of a vibrant rainbow over dark clouds to presumably emphasize the almost divine beauty of these automobiles. The colors seem fairly bizarre but the very idea of cars traveling over a rainbow bridge makes the former pale in comparison.

The bottom piece is apparently an advertisement for a dairy product from Die Flasche, Volume II. The combination of the semi-nude caped child with a quirky red hat paired with the strange embellishments to his sides again lead me to question the approach of the artist. That being said, I can certainly see this in the context of other design from the era. The decoration and color use is very consistent with much of the graphic design of the times.

Brandstätter, Christian. Wiener Werkstätte Design in Vienna, 1903-1932: Architecture, Furniture, Commercial Art, Postcards, Bookbinding, Posters, Glass, Ceramics, Metal, Fashion, Textiles, Accessories, Jewelry. New York, N.Y: Harry N. Abrams, 2003. Print.

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