Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Czeshka Calender

carl otto czeschka - 1907

This almost purely typographic poster created by Czeschka demonstrates the experimentation of the era through the wonky letting and color juxtoposition. The word Kalender is hand-drawn in a kind of psychedelic-era kind of way. Also, the choice to use black type on a dark grey ground was an equally questionably choice. I do, however, think that the decorative swirls in white help create a balance to the piece and help draw the attention away from the rest.

Brandstätter, Christian. Wiener Werkstätte Design in Vienna, 1903-1932: Architecture, Furniture, Commercial Art, Postcards, Bookbinding, Posters, Glass, Ceramics, Metal, Fashion, Textiles, Accessories, Jewelry. New York, N.Y: Harry N. Abrams, 2003. Print.

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  1. actually, i just posted the images from this calendar! (well, 10 of the 12, anyway)